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cannot add users after server migration

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cannot add users after server migration


After migrating the Moodle server, the new server seemed to work OK until trying to manually add a user. I was deleting users OK thru the admin account, but then tried the add user and it was not showing up after a browse all users. 

To migrate, there were some instructions on the web that detailed using RSYNC to copy moodledata and moodle directories, then dumping existing database, moving and importing into database on new server.  

On the new server, it is possible to delete users and to modify a user's profile by updating a field and those changes were preserved. When adding new users, it may add it in the database, but its not showing up. When trying to add again it says the username already exists.

Moodle Version 2.5+

Have migrated from Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS  to 12.04 LTS (both hosts are virtualized - moved from Parallels Desktop ==> VMware)



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Re: cannot add users after server migration

This is just to note that this issue of not being able to add accounts manually carried over from the original server, and was like this before the platform was migrated. Still learning about Moodle. Its probably a configuration or control issue somewhere in the admin web pages. Am able to upload users successfully and that will get us started for the bulk additions for the student accounts.

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Re: cannot add users after server migration

Hello Robert,

Have you checked your file permissions? Here are some comment settings:

public_html - 750
Folders - 755
CGI and Perl scripts - 755
.html .php and other Document Types - 644

Also, is debugging on? It can help provide more details/evidence toward the issue:

I hope this helps,


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