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module - publications

module - publications

Hello. I create a new module - publishing. For a basis, he took the Glossary module. To understand Moodle was not easy. A big problem with Russian documentation. Know English bad. I really hope someone can help..
The problem arose with table display.
Decided to display the table to use tablelib.php..

4 days versed..almost to no avail..

I already more or less acquainted and get to do: adding a new publication - understood.

with the addition of records in the database.

languages - understood

now we must make it more beautifully displayed so..tablelib.php

and, if I understand correctly, it is not difficult to add filters to sort by headers in the settings table in the code..

kinda looks simple, but it don't work(

now, if this sign to make "/admin/user.php" - here without a library tablelib..

I hope very much for your help..

PS looked through all the files that use this library, almost nothing for me it didn't help

attached, just saying, horrible code.. and a module that has turned out so far, and a separate file with tablelib.php

my topic in russion forum:

thanks in advance..

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