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Course notifications
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Notifications has been quite a hot topic in Moodle development for some time now. It has its first class seat in the development roadmap and is repeatedly mentioned in various presentations on Moodle. Instead of a particular feature, I see it rather as a bigger concept behind the development of many other areas. We can find its evident traces in recent core work on new events API, for example.

The pedagogical ideas behind notifications are pretty obvious. It is believed that the learning process is more effective if there is short loop feedback provided. Simply said, it's generally better for the student to get feedback on submitted work as soon as possible, while their brain is still focused on the subject. Providing instant feedback on small steps facilitates learning. And it is something the technology can help with (especially with mobile internet today).

On this note, two plugins dealing with similar feature landed successfully in the Plugins directory last week - the Resource notification by Guillaume Allègre and the Course module modification notification by Luke Carrier. They both are trying to help teachers with keeping the students informed about recent changes in the course.

Guillaume's plugin adds a new item to the drop-down action menu displayed next to course module in editing mode. Clicking the new "Notifications" link allows the teacher to send an e-mail to all students in the course. In the optional complementary message, the teacher can provide more details (such as why the activity/resource is highlighted). So it's fully up to the teacher to decide what modules should students be informed about, and when. As Moodle core does not yet allow plugins to insert their own items into the drop-down action menu, a small patch has to be applied to core course/lib.php file to make this plugin work. The current version supports sending the notification via e-mail only. It also has some aspects that were raised during the initial acceptance review - such as the way it obtains recipients of the message etc. Once those are fixed, this plugin might be an interesting alternative to the course News forum (with forced subscription) that many teachers use for this purpose now.

Luke's plugin approached in another way. It informs all enrolled users about every course module update automatically. The plugin uses the new events API and registers itself as an observer of the course_module_created and course_module_updated events (fired by the core). In order to prevent spamming students too often, notifications are not sent immediately. Instead, they are scheduled and sent in daily digest message via messaging API. So recipients have more control on how they want to receive the message (e.g. via e-mail, jabber or mobile). That makes it a good alternative to the Recent changes block available in Moodle. This plugin is a nice example of how standard Moodle APIs should be used in a clean way to implement the desired functionality.

While reviewing these two plugins, I realized they both would profit from hooks support if it was implemented. If plugins had a standard way to inject their own fields into the course module settings form, they could easily add, say, a checkbox indicating whether students should be notified about the current change in the settings (with an optional message a la Git commit message).

I found both these plugins pretty promising and having potential to evolve to really nifty utils. If you have a chance, give them a try - and let their authors know what you think.

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