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What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

We have setup an prototype site for people to test out this report:-


Login details

Student accounts




Teacher accounts




You can manage rules as a teacher by going to  Course admininstration > Reports > Event monitor > Manage rules

You can manage subscriptions as a student/teacher by going to  Course admininstration > Reports > Event monitor > Manage subscriptions

You can manage how these notifications are delivered to you as a student/teacher by going to My profile settings > Messaging

Please note, this is a very early prototype and is expected to have some rough edges.

Thank you

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C'est moi :-)
Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?
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These prototypes are good things, allowing to see how things looks, which is easier than reading a long description.

This is lot more easy/better for people where english is not the primary language smile

I've just taken a quick look, and it seems promising.


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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for putting this up - from my brief play with it on the prototype site it looks really promising - Slightly surprised that you've only got one other comment so far as it seems to be exactly the type of function loads of people have been asking for. 

My only concern is that it's possibly getting even at this stage a little too complex for the average admin/teacher/student who will want notifying about everything in an elegant manner.

Additional items that would be useful in our context (and possibly to others) are:

  • Ability to add rules at site level - eg. for all forums in sites i'm enrolled in, perhaps only allow students to modify setting at site level (for all courses they are enrolled in).
  • Ability to set-up default settings for all students - If student A gets notified about forum posts but Student B does not we would have complaints.
  • For consistency I would move away from having teachers define there own message templates (or make it an advance option), students will be working across different courses and possibly receiving lots of notifications short, sharp and consistent is the key.  Perhaps we could construct a useful default for notifications based on the settings in the rule.
  • Really important: The notifications need to have a link back to what they are being notified about ie. If there are 2 new posts in a forum - link to the forum concerned, if a file has been updated - link to the file in the notification
  • Not really an additional item, but, students and teachers are really used and primed for getting elegant notifications via social networks, websites and apps so the output needs to look professional and constant (possibly fun) to my mind this would mean having a nice email template that has good formatting in it - a default would need to be shipped with the code

  • Am I correct that the user can then consume the notifications as they wish? mobile, rss, email etc....
  • If selecting email as a notification method, do all the notifications get bundled into one email? if not it would be useful to have this option, so students & teachers) are not overburdened with notifications.

I hope these comments are useful, really happy to be of help and test further if that would be useful.


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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your comments.

Additional items

  1. In the current design, we are planning an ability to add rules at the site level. However it won't possible to subscribe to a rule at site level for all courses. For example, say you can create a rule called "Active forum" at site level, and that would make it avaialble to be subscribed to, in all the courses. But you still will have to subscribe to a rule through a course.
  2. That is a nice idea, we can have "Forced subscriptions" concept. It is not in the current spec, but surely sounds like an interesting concept, that we can consider.
  3. We would be providing a reasonable default that ideally would contain the rule name, description, links etc. And if you are an advanced user you could customise this as per your needs.
  4. The messages will contain those links for sure. 
  5. Perhaps am misunderstanding this, but won't this template be the same as configured while creating the rule?


  1. Yes you are correct. You can consume these through any messaging output plugin. By default we ship (email, popup, air notifier, jabber), obviously you can install any third party one you like. This is exactly like any other message in Moodle.
  2. This was discussed in our planning meetings as well. This feature really needs to be a part of core Moodle messaging system as a lot of other places can benefit from this too. I have created a tracker issue for this MDL-46128. Please feel free to vote/comment on the issue.

Again, I would like to thank you for your interest and feedback. Please feel free to post any other questions/suggestions you might have.


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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

Hi Ankit,

Many thanks for your detailed response to my questions and for creating MDL-46128 - I have added to it.

In response to my responses smile

Additional items

  1. Whilst I understand the reasoning here and that this seems to be the model that moodle uses across other tools. I would imagine that many students/teachers would want the same settings on all their courses so the process of having to go into each course to modify their setting could grate somewhat. To be honest - given this fact I would probably set a default level for our users and not allow them to modify it as allowing them to do so could cause confusion - I would be keen to have this view challenged though by others!
  2. Would be great if this could be included - hopefully if sensible defaults are set all the users would be happy and not feel they needed to configure it, would go some way to negating my previous issue
  3. Great!
  4. Great - wo ho!
  5. I guess this could be another issue (not with this development but moodle more widely) at what point does moodle define how it formats a message? is it done in the tool or by the messaging system? So ensuring that the message sent is suitable for the medium that is receiving it.
    The reasoning here is that for a push notification you may just want a short sentence and link but for a daily digest email you may wish to have a more vobose message with images, links and more text. 
All the best


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Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?
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One thing that struck me here is that I wouldn't be that keen to receive these notifications as messages, but would love to see them as an activity stream.. Crazy idea: Maybe someone could make a message output plugin which receives the messages and turns them into an activity stream block for a block on the  the mymoodle page  wink

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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

Hi Dan,

I agree, from various chats with people at moodle moots and online I think having a message output 'Activity stream' would please a lot of people. 



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Re: What events would you be intrested in monitoring?

Thanks Dan,

There were two suggestions put forward in the initial planning. 

  • An activity stream style block
  • An notification block, something like facebook, where you see number of notification somewhere on the nav bar and then click on it to get further details.

But unfortunately due to other commitments we decided not to work on those this cycle, but surely this would be a great feature for future improvments.

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