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Set up installation thru GoDaddy Host

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Re: Set up installation thru GoDaddy Host
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Don't know what version of Moodle you are trying to install, and what kind of server you have (hosted, VPS, etc.)  In general, avoid the one-click installs.  We also don't know where you are in your transfer process, so you might need to provide more detail.

The error message seems to suggest that your moodledata folder is either not in the right location, or doesn't have the correct "rights".  You will need to verify that your old moodledata folder got backup up and restored, that its old folder name matches the new, that data actually exists in it, and that your new moodle points to the moodledata folder correctly.

If you used a cPanel backup tool and a one-click install tool, you will now need to explore what they did and did not do.

Your general need is referred to "migration."  Look for this in the moodle documentation.

As a general suggestion, learn how to install moodle from scratch.  This will help you a lot in the future.

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