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Redesign Activity Chooser

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Redesign Activity Chooser
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Hi All,

As time goes by the legacy divide between "Activity" and "Resource" is making less sense for us (our University). A simple illustration of this are the Big Blue Button Session vs Recording types which are at opposite ends of the activity chooser (see screen shot). I will concede we need to remove some of the plugins we have at the moment which would help, but the point remains this is not the best in terms of organisation / usability.

Another example is the separation of SCORM / IMS, I know why they are split, but it makes little sense unless the SCORM activity actually uses tracking, often they do not. Does this distinction make any sense at all to a non technical teacher? I would suggest not.

I see this problem potentially being compounded if we try to make better use of Bootstrap elements. For example if we want to add additional permutations of "label" which could be used to build Bootstrap elements like "hero", thumbnails etc there are would seem to be two options:

  1. Extend the text editor
  2. Add more resource types

This can be done in text editors but anyone who has used similar things in Wordpress (shortcode builders embedded in the WYSIWYG) will know that whilst this can do a good job of building the element to edit it afterwards you need to meddle with the code, which leads me to think resource types would be a better way to handle this?

What I think may work better in terms of the activity chooser would be the option to group items according to their function / type and for the layout to be horizontal, headings at the top, items below in columns and descriptions perhaps shown below, or on tooltip.

Ideally it would be configurable, i.e. you would be able to alter headings / sections and assign plugins to those sections.

Something similar was done with the layout in 1.9 by Sussex University but I believe it was a core modification, not distributable, you can see what they did here:


I am not suggesting that layout, I don't think it makes good use of space / would not scale, but the organisation of elements beyond "Activity" "Resource" makes increasing sense to me.

The other issue with the current activity chooser is the waste of space in the description section (right hand column). Again this is shown in the screen shot below where we have a lot of whitespace below a short description of the activity type. I know other activities (Quiz, Assignment for example) make full use of that space, but it would perhaps make more sense to use tooltips or Modal to show this information?.

I do not mean to be a whinge or be seen as overly critical of the current arrangement (which does work), just sharing my thoughts... which are there maybe some room for improvement smile

An illustration of what we see with BBB in the default activity chooser currently:

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Re: Redesign Activity Chooser

Like this ?

activity chooser

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