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Ratings systems on social platforms can have unexpected effects

Matt Bury
Ratings systems on social platforms can have unexpected effects
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This is a quick post to share a recently published paper, How Community Feedback Shapes User Behavior, that examines the effects of ratings systems and up/down voting on social networking platforms and services. I go on to discuss some questions it raises for online social learning.

Read on: http://blog.matbury.com/2014/05/29/ratings-systems-on-social-platforms-can-unexpected-effects/

What do you think? What questions does the article raise in your mind?

Looking forward to reading your responses! smile

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Re: Ratings systems on social platforms can have unexpected effects

mmmmm....will come back to this at some point, when I get a minute.

I suppose, very quickly, it depends on what is defined as social learning, plus how one defines locus of control-and how one manages that in themselves and others.

Rewarding behaviour...such as the gold star approach was banned in most schools in my earlier teaching career...because when the child did not get one- it was suggested that said far more than the award of one.....but again...depends if the child cares or not....locus of control....I dont get many usefuls here...am not quite sure how to play that game-yet smile)  but it doesn't bother me-because I have a strong LoC (can read up about this in any GCSE psychology course sylabus-  oh and I got a badge here for being particularly helpful -and I still dont know why! Crumbs smile

Anyway.....I want to look at the measures on that paper...I notice they worked with the range....ok.

And finally, (bit news at ten-ish I know) thought this link might be related in some way:


Now, you did ask for views on this...meaning no right or wrong answers...and no personal attacks....oh dear, come to think of it: this might reflect that my contributions have officially deteriorated over time ;0)


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