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Enrolment in parallel courses as student and as visitor

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Charles Fernando
Enrolment in parallel courses as student and as visitor

We use moodle at using Moodle 2.5.1

Let us imagine this situation:

Weekday students:
Course A
Course B
Course C
Course D

Weekend students:
Course M
Course N
Course O
Course P

The two sets of courses are identical as far as the syllabi are concerned and as far as some of the course material is concerned. But the teachers are different and so evidently are the approaches.

We would like to enrol the Weekday students as "visitors" on the weekend programme and vice versa so that if needed they can have an idea of what is happenning in the parallel group/course. But if we were to do that when a student logs in, instead of 4 courses he/she will be presented with 8.

Is there any way by which the courses for which one has visitor access can be shown just a little differently (may be e.g. with a separator line showing "as visitor") so that the possibility of confusion can be reduced?

Thank you

Charles Fernando

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Randy Thornton
Re: Enrolment in parallel courses as student and as visitor
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One way would be to use access restrictions  to show a Label at the top of the course to just the visitors.

IN 2.5 you can have use a profile field as a trigger for access restrictions. If you put in a field for the status of students (or even have one already) so you can tell the weekday from weekend students, you could use that in a course to open up a label or image at the top based on that to remind the visitors of their status. Other students would not see it. 

This will work if there is no overlap between the two types of students.

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Charles Fernando
Re: Enrolment in parallel courses as student and as visitor

Dear Randy,

Sorry I missed your message and saw it only today. I will follow it up with the person who does the technical work and provide some update to you. Thank you so much once again.


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