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to learn moodle

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to learn moodle

How long it took you to learn Moodle as admin

I am learning Moodle and i am not sure if it took more time than needed.

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Re: to learn moodle
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That is an awfully unspecific question and it depends on many factors. The very basic level, for someone with good technical background and experience with content management systems, should take a few hours. However, to get deep into things can take months.
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Re: to learn moodle

I am still learning and it has been for over three years now.

Robert is right, it depends on your knowledge level before Moodle.

If you are experienced with the operating system you are installing it on and SQL, then you are halfway there.  I still have questions that come up constantly.  Without the support of the Moodle community in the Forums, bugtrackers, and documents, I would be lost.

Moodle is constantly evolving through updates to Moodle as well as the individual plugins.

I think I can call myself an Admin, but yet I am still learning.

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Re: to learn moodle
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Forget it... I have been using Moodle for something like 10 years and there's still loads I don't know. 

I know the bits that I do regularly but like any significantly complex piece of software you can't hope to learn all of it. The question should be more like how long it takes to learn the basics but even that depends on your individual circumstances wink

Don't worry about it!

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Re: to learn moodle
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I'll rephrase Howard's "basics" to "functioning admin." That's your goal, to be a functioning admin. It took me three installations of Moodle as localhost before I could get it functioning, and then I broke it two more times very quickly.

I am a baby steps functioning admin on my localhost, and a don't touch the backend admin on a 1.9.19 production server.

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