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Clueless newbie, need hosting advice

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Clueless newbie, need hosting advice

Hello there, 

I am a musician currently volunteering at an underprivileged area school in London. They do not have a moodle site, and they do not have money either (or would not spend money on something they do not understand, such as moodle).

I have used moodle as a student, and I want to create a moodle course for my students. The thing is that I do not wish to pay for the hosting. 

I am a musician, therefore not tech savvy. 

Nevertheless, I have built several websites online, using free hosting sites such as weebly, wordpress, yola, and I have a few registered domains on godaddy as well.  I also know how to setup subdomains and everything. 

I know that you need a domain name to launch your moodle site. I can use a subdomain from the domains I already own, or even buy a new one (.info costs so little anyway).

My problem is servers and hosting.  I would like to avoid this, as it is a cost of at least 6$ a month as I understand it, so it is money I do not feel like spending for something I do as a volunteer. 

Is there anyway that I would not pay money for that? 

Is there any free hosting service at all currently?   I found an older thread but all the options mentioned were no longer available. 

Also, are there any "official" videos by moodle for dummies like myself? :P 

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Re: Clueless newbie, need hosting advice
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While I am sympathetic to your situation... unfortunately, what you get for nothing is generally nothing. Even the low-cost hosting plans either don't run Moodle or don't run it very well. Moodle is quite a big application and needs properly hosted. 

Creating a new domain is the easy bit.

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Re: Clueless newbie, need hosting advice

Hi Gina,

I disagree that you can't have a decent moodle site on a cheap hosting provider. A lot of the people on here are "partners" and obviously have a financial stake in their answer.

I used a very well known web host and had hundreds of students working off of it and probably could have thousands. They had a fantastico installer in the control panel and that made the process very easy. I paid something like $50 a year for that. 

There was some discussion in the lounge about free moodle hosting a while back.

I can't vouch for any of the services nor can I attest that they are still there, but given your financial constraints the information on the page might be helpful. 

You might also try Free Moodle at it looks like a decent community.

Good luck.

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Re: Clueless newbie, need hosting advice
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Hello Gina,

how many students are you expecting? and what type  of  files are going to host on moodle? multimedia  files or plain notes?

there is a free moodle configured site (they let you run your moodle site on their servers for FREE) and they  have fast servers to take care of your moodle as well. A newbie or  anyone starting with moodle  can use their services.

although, their domain will look like, but you can always  forward your domain to them for start, once you are up and running, you can get your own  servers which can be good to go for as low  as  $2.95 a month (upto 100/150 students).

With what Howard said, and so does Jamie, both are true at their places. Yes Moodle is Heavy, as it gets bigger it can go into a cluster of servers, but its not that heavy too that most of the hosting providers wont run, I have ran my moodle sites on $4.99 a month hosting during my teaching to BBA/MBA students with 400 registered students at a time and 60-80 min online at a time uploading content (last minute rush hour submitting assignments wink ) and even that cheap webhosting didnt broke sweat.

need any further help, PM me and I will assist you all the way.

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