"Chat" activity is cumbersome - what am I doing wrong?

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"Chat" activity is cumbersome - what am I doing wrong?


I have just created my first experimental moodle course. I asked some of my friends to enrol, so I can really get to know how the different "resources", "activities" and "blocks" work. I really like the "comments" block and I thought the "chat" activity would work exactly the same way. Well, not so. 

When a friend of mine or me enter the chat room, there is usually no one. This is not a problem at all. However, I thought at least I would see what had been said by the other visitors before me, so that new comments could be added. I know there is this link, called "View past sessions", but I need to click on every single "see this session" link to see what was said. I find it discouraging, so no wonder my friends - who are my volunteer guinea pigs - can't make sense of it and leave the chat as soon as they enter.

Any suggestions, how I could make this chat work (work like the chat in Facebook works)?

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