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White Screen after update to Moodle 2.7

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White Screen after update to Moodle 2.7


I have just updated our development Moodle server from version 2.4 to version 2.7, after upgrading php to version PHP and apache to 2.4.9. After  transferring my config.php and custom theme the upgrade was completed successfully. Trying to access the site lead to a complete White screen. 

After removing my custom theme from the themes folder the site loaded however I only get a webpage saying Elearning website and you haven't logged in ( in greek ). 

Can someone please let me know what I should look for as I am pretty new at this ?



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Re: White Screen after update to Moodle 2.7

Was your custom theme entirely self-contained, or did rely on a pre-installed theme as a parent?  One of the big changes with 2.7 is the removal of all but the Clean theme.  If your custom theme referred to another theme, even Standard, as a parent, you'd need to install the parent theme (and any parents of the parents [grandparents?]) to make your custom theme function.

Simply removing your custom theme without first switiching to another theme has left your site with no theme at all.  At least, that's what it sounds like to me.  If so, on your login page, add ?theme=clean to the end of the URL.  If you don't have URL theme changes enabled, add $CFG->allowthemechangeonurl = true to your config.php.

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