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Error occured while installing moodle 2.5

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Error occured while installing moodle 2.5


      I got a following error while installing moodle 2.5.  I thought to install poodll for interactive audio session. But ,Currently i m using moodle 2.0.3, in this i couldn't install poodll. Please check the attachment in that i attached the error file. Kindly help me to resolve the bug.

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Re: Error occured while installing moodle 2.5
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I am pretty sure this has nothing to with PoodLL.  There is something else wrong with your installation.

Hopefully you have backups, and if so, I suggest you restore to where you were and start again.

If you don't, please write in the "Installation Help" forum and describe all the steps that you took to get from 2.03 to here.


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