group in assignment does not work

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group in assignment does not work

I have problem in setting assignment to be available to one group only, I am learning moodle

moodle Moodle 2.4.3+


I have course with teacher1 and 2 sections( A and B) 

I want teacher 1 to add assignment for only section A

I did the following as an admin :

1)course setting >users>groups

I creat Group A and added  students , and creat Group B and added other

I create grouping A, and  added to it group A, and grouping B and added to it group B


2)course setting >groups>

group mode :seperate group

force group mode: No (I tried yes)

default grouping: none



then I added assignment, in assignment setting

3)Common module settings:

Group mode :seperate group.

grouping: grouping A


the result , the assignment is available for every one even in group B

the option "available only for group member" is not in the setting

how to set this right


thanks in advance i really need help, it took 2 days until now

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Re: group in assignment does not work
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How do you know that the assignment is available for Group B?  Have you logged in as a group b member in  your course?  The assignment will still show in the grade book for all students but should not be accessibly by a student in group b.
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Re: group in assignment does not work
thanks for replay
yes I logged in as student B and all activities for other groups was available to me (student B)

I know the answer now

dividing students to group and grouping is not enough, we must enable  "available for group members only" feature.
as an Admin
site administration>development>experimental setting>then enable "available for group members only"

then this feature will be available in show advance in common module

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