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After reading some of the posts I recognize how knowledgeable most are in all things Moodle!

However, I'm not ...

Can you recommend the easiest way to "self-learn" Moodle?  I have the book Moodle for Dummies.  It is very handy.  But, curious ... are there other sources?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Self-Learning

Have you tried the Moodle docs?

That is probably the best way other than using it in the trenches!

There are a number of books out there other than Moodle for Dummies

OReilly has their Using Moodle book and Packt Publishing has a number of Moodle titles as well.  Just search their websites.  If you are looking for something more specific, you have to be more specific with your question.

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Mary Cooch
Re: Self-Learning
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Moodle for Dummies is an older version of Moodle and you might have a more recent version. I second the suggestion about reading the docs and also the Moodle HQ youtube channel has around 30 beginner videos of using Moodle as a teacher (not administrator) which might be helpful to you. (Start here and follow the series)

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Re: Self-Learning

Hi Rick,

I'd recommend buying a seriously cheap PC and using it as a server.

Flatten it, install Ubuntu Server and work through

Play around with it, mess it up, install some extra blocks, modules and themes, flatten it and start again.

When I started out that's what I did and I learned a lot, still learning of course and still finding new things.  Main thing to look at is the pedagogy to be honest, how are you going to use it, where are you going to use it, how will the learners react to it etc

Just remember "the only daft question is the one you didn't ask".

Have fun,


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Re: Self-Learning
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Rick, consider buying a hosted server from someplace like GoDaddy, or Bluehost, and installing Moodle with a one-click install utility.  These hosted server systems are not the best at providing a powerful Moodle, but they do provide a good way to get in and learn.  Before buying, check which version of Moodle they support.  You would want 2.6..., which is the current version.  Most of these hosted servers cost around $50/year, so it is not much of an investment.  You will also be learning something about servers, without the learning curve of installing a Linux system since the hosted servers do this for you.  You also will have your moodle present on the Internet.

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Re: Self-Learning

My site is using dydns as I don't have a static IP. Running on laptop with broken LCD screen

Athalon P320 4GB ram, Debian Stable, Apache2 MPM-Event, PHP5-FPM, Pustgresql 9.1

For what it is it runs well. The one click install and hosting is the simplest but I like having my hands in every aspect of the system. I am also using fail2ban with every filter related to apache and shh turned on.  The badbots filter in particular has helped. The badbots were using a lot of system resources. I changed the ban time to 16 hours. 

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