Student Missing all grades

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Student Missing all grades

I am using Moodle 2.5.5

We had a student get dropped from a course and then was allowed to enroll back into the class the next day, but none of his grades are in the grade book. 

Most of the time when a student drops then add a course back we can find the students grades by going into the database but in this case we cannot seem to find them. The database does not show that any grades have been added or removed for this student in this particular course.

I have went into the General Settings in Gradebook under Administration and set Recover grades default to "Yes" and tried to enroll him again and once again the grades do not show up.

With their being only a couple weeks left of the semester finding these grades are a pass/fail for this student. 

Anyone have any ideas where I could look next?

Thank You


Re: Student Missing all grades
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I am assuming when  you say Administration, you are talking about the site administration section of Moodle. When we had upgraded  our site and found that wasn't working any more and had to reset that setting, it did take a little time for the grades etc. to repopulate.  I think some Cron job had to run or something.  If that doesn't help, I would try these:

  • Go back to the Grade settings in the site admin section and make sure your setting change actually saved
  • Talk to your admin and see if there is a backup from the course about the time the student was dropped.  They can restore it and hide from students.  Then you can pull the grades out and override them in the active course.
Someone else out there might have ideas on searching databases etc. Perhaps we'll hear from them.


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Re: Student Missing all grades
The next day I had another student that had been dropped then added again to the course, her grades were easy to retrieve so I know the setting to restore grades saved. 

As far as asking the admin..... that is pretty much me and because I have recently taken over Moodle there was a lot that needed to be improved on. The backup was not set for the courses and the only files that are being saved are saved in SQL

It is almost like the grades were never there for this student. There are no trace of them being deleted and when I look through the instructors log report it shows went through the action of adding the grades but no grades showing.

The instructor did not keep a record anywhere other than the Moodle grade book, so the student is missing almost the whole semester's worth of grades.

Anyone have any other ideas? 

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Re: Student Missing all grades
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Try unenrolling him again - make double sure the save grades is checked - and the reenroll the student.  I have seen this happen before where repeating the process will sometimes work the second time around.
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Re: Student Missing all grades
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We fought this fight when it arose and lost. Have been burned numerous times by faulty recovery of grades. Even had to write scripts to bring them back correctly.