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Displaying Weka output in moodle

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Re: Displaying Weka output in moodle
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It might help to explain what Weka is and what the output consists of. I, for one, had never heard of it...

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Re: Displaying Weka output in moodle

Mike, Howard-hi

interesting. Weka is software developed in New Zealand (at Uni of Waikato) for the purpose of data mining.  So, output would be data of thinking it just collates the data/organises it and or does some form of simple number work-perhaps, I have not come across it before. 

A few things then, you know a bit for food for thought as I am quite sure this sounds novel/new/original software in many respects (hence my interest smile):

-does it actually state on the Weka website that the software is comaptible with Moodle? (I couldn't see that info)

-it seems you are seeking two things from the whole set-up Mike

1. to create an analysis framework (which will then be applied in Weka GUI) to deal with the mined-data that you think Weka can do with the data set in a moodle database

2. You want to create a Moodle module from 1. I presume, to for L&T woth students?

-I would have thought Java to be compatible with you have found by connecting the Weka 3.6 to the Moodle database.......sounds like an achievement to me so far wink

As for displaying Java script as PHP script or the other way around.........I do not have a clue! In my little world it would be great to input that into google translate and voila! Java translated neatly in a box in to Php.....but those languages are not there I have checked LOL!




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Re: Displaying Weka output in moodle

Hi, Howard and Dawn

Thank you for the replies. Regret my delayed response. As dawn correctly pointed out, Weka is a datamining software. The weka API is supported in Java (not javascript) so Although I can use my limited java knowledge to read data from moodle log, after processing, I do not know how to export the output from a java application in such a way it can be displayed in moodle.

The objective of integrating into moodle is to enable display of the data analysis carried out by weka (using a classifier) in a moodle web page (so that maybe a teacher can view the analysis)

Say for example a prediction of who would need help to pass a final examination, based on their previous quiz performances etc. 

More info about weka can be found at :

Thank you

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Re: Displaying Weka output in moodle

I used weka 3.6.9 and moodle 2.x. 

  • INPUT  Converted CSV file to ARFF file using weka.core.converters.ArffSaver, weka.core.converters.CSVLoader for input. 
  • OUTPUT Written output data to the CSV file with java code and read CSV file data from PHP code and stored in my database. 
 Happy to help you for further if you won't get it smile
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Re: Displaying Weka output in moodle

Hi Naveen,

Thank you very much for the reply.  I have to try this. Still I am struggling with some  java codes. this is a good idea. But I am not a expert in java. But will try.  If it is not work please , I will ask some help from you. smile

Thanks in advance


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