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Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

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Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

Dear All,

We are a mid sized organization using moodle 2.5.3 as our LMS and Sharepoint 2013 on premise model for CMS and Social Features.

We would like to have one unified portal for both our Learning and Knowledge Management needs.

Kindly share your thoughts or any referal materal on how share point has been integrated with Moodle. We would like to launch course on sharepoint whilst the course resides on moodle. We are looking at communication between moodle and sharepoint on course completion , assessment scores etcs. While we would like to use the forum, blog, wiki, newsfeed feature of sharepoint.

Really appreciate your responses.





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Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

Hi Vijay,

Yours is the exact requirement that we want to implement. 

Please let me know if you have been able to get any solutions to this.

If so, please share the details.



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Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

Hi Vijay

I don't know if you've seen this but this site has SharePoint webparts that enable SharePoint services and SharePoint server to interact with Moodle. Admittedly they are referring to SharePoint 2003 and 2007 varieties not 2013. It also interacts with the older varieties of Moodle upto 1.8, but then the page was last edited in May 2007.

The course launch could be done through something as simple as a hyperlink in SharePoint with your Moodle setup to use SSO (Single Sign On) from the windows domain, which is a job in itself to get right. As for the backward passing of info to SharePoint that would require the working webparts or something bespoke to be written.

In reality though you are talking about 2 horses of a different colour. Moodle does what Moodle is good at while SharePoint does what SharePoint is good at. SharePoint is a CMS while Moodle is an LMS.
We have a SharePoint install for our school's SIMS Learning Gateway and then were supposed to have the Granada Learning Platform for a VLE, after Granada bailed out on us we switched to Moodle for the VLE (on my recommendation in actuality) and the SLG and Moodle do not communicate. But then with Moodle being scrapped from September this isn't going to be a consideration anymore. 
Microsoft did have Class Server which was the basis of the Granada platform, which is supposed to integrate with SharePoint openly but in my experience Class Server and Moodle are very different animals.

John Gifford

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Ynt: Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

Hi everybody,

Have you ever integrate with Sharepoint 2013 online version. Because we are using sharepoint as a service in cloud. Article is only for server installation. I couldn't find how can we import web parts.

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Re: Ynt: Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

Is there much difference from one CMS to another? Is sharepoint just another option as against Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress? Joomla is well known to integrate  with moodle, called joomdle.

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Re: Ynt: Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013

SharePoint  provides lot of features for building site, setting up necessary rules, creating necessary content and downloading documents. It has a big area of capabilities and high level of compliancy. One of the greatest advantages of SharePoint - is its integration with Microsoft Office applications which gives users a significant working experience and connects all the necessary business tools together.

It is more used as intranet platform.

CMS like Joomla and WordPress are used for building web sites and storing a variety of files, documents and other content. One of the advantages of such systems is their simplicity. The system does not require the administrator to any special knowledge or skills. And it is flexible since users can deploy with tons of add-ons covering all kinds of categories.

Besides Moddle, i know about JoomlaLMS for Joomla! and Learndash for WordPress. Their main advantages - that they are native extensions and work smoothly with the chosen CMS platform.

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Re: Ynt: Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013
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Wordpress and Joomla are content management systems. Sharepoint is a toolkit for building things such as a content management system. Wordpress and Joomla (and several other content management systems) are built on the LAMPP/WAMPP stack like Moodle and so are inherently more suitable for integration. Sharepoint is a Microsoft product and so tuned towards integrating with other Microsoft products.

Two areas to look at for integrating Moodle and Sharepoint are web services and LTI, but its not going to be trivial.

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Ynt: Re: Integration of Moodle with Sharepoint 2013
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With a little experience at using Sharepoint, there is not much in it that is, in fact, trivial. It can be used, as is suggested to build an intranet, (as it is an "enterprise" tool), I would add " but not much else"; <Argument Spoiler>  I am somewhat biased about what comes from the Dark Side.</end spoiler> My suspicion is that it was built to fill a gap in the "Microverse", that other products were adequately filling at the time but not to Microsoft's profit. Time and tide has caught up with it, HTML 5 and Javascript are considerably more easy to learn and use, with a much smaller footprint. They also do not cost much, training resources can be found with a few clicks and keystrokes, and there are whole communities of people willing to help projects of any kind. Coupled with something like PHP or Ruby on Rails or Python, and a MYSQL, PostGreSQL, or even, dare I say it, Oracle, database, you could more than meet any need for an SMS and a CMS, an Intranet, a web site relatively quickly, if not easily - but then, what is?   

There is another issue, and something not spoken of a lot anywhere that I am aware of, but I believe is of increasing importance, and becoming increasingly problematic. The desire for one stop fixes, magic bullet approaches by people with a limited understanding of the technologies involved, forces those people to ignore the greater potential for disaster that single technology frameworks are presenting. The attraction of "integration" is a powerful argument that can override any other consideration. Smaller open source systems remain easier to troubleshoot, but because they look complex, they are seen as being less reliable. As well, the support for fixes of open source projects is quite high, even small limited projects attract adherents, but the tools themselves have rather large support bases. The Moodle Community is one such, but so is the PHP and MySQL and Javascript, and so on communities. The perennial question "I am trying to [do this...] can be found in all those FAQs and forums, and usually well answered. Try getting that with Sharepoint.   

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