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Integration round 2014-04-11: 2.7-beta

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2014-04-11: 2.7-beta
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Cold numbers:

72 issues have been successfully integrated with 18 rejected. That is 80% success.


  • 2.7 code freeze has started. smile
  • 2.7 beta has been released. smile smile
  • 2.7 QA testing has started smile smile smile
  • Last week we brought in all 'waiting for peer review' issues into integration to try and prevent important issues from getting missed. Please help us avoid needing to do this in future!
  • Some interesting discussions have been happening no the general developer forum about the peer review process and code freeze, add your views to the discussion!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-44070 - Conditional availability: Enhancements including OR conditions, plugins
  • MDL-22999 - Allow maximum points for graded activities to exceed 100
  • MDL-33486 - Individual Wiki search fixed
  • MDL-31679 - Add a horizontal scroll bar to the top of the gradebook Grader Report

Warm thanks:

  • To Ashley Holman - a long lost bug fix from Ash landed this week - thanks for your many Moodle contributions over the years!

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