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Integration round 2014-04-03 - very hot and almost freezing

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Integration round 2014-04-03 - very hot and almost freezing
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Cold numbers:

60 issues have been successfully integrated with 8 rejected and 1 delayed. That is 88% success, busy week.


  • ONE last week remaining before the 2.7 freeze.
  • SIX MONTHS before the 2.8 freeze, time to start developing new awesome features!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-30085 - Webservices to retrieve and update grades
  • MDL-35305 - Backup and restore of images embedded in wiki
  • MDL-28261 - SCORM session test to detect network failure
  • MDL-44862 - Postgres dbport is no longer discarded when dbsocket is used (admins, check your connection settings!)

Warm thanks:

  • To Moodle community for reporting bugs, providing patches, voting on issues and talking on forums. It's you who make the project going.

Have a great weekend, Marina

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