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Integration round 2014-04-14 - Given the following "code freeze" exists

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Integration round 2014-04-14 - Given the following "code freeze" exists
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Cold numbers:

35 issues have been successfully integrated with 9 rejected and 5 delayed. That is 79% success.


  • 2.7 code freeze is only 3 weeks away (7th April 2014).
  • Some discussions are happening in MDL-44357 about the future of theme_clean and LESS compilation from PHP. Please join the discussion if you have useful information to add.

Peer review:

There are currently 41 issues waiting for peer review - its clear we're falling behind there. Please help a fellow developer by reviewing their changes!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-43721 - Performance improvements in assignment grading
  • MDL-43236 - Behat grammar improvements
  • MDL-43497 - Allow course language to be overridden for roles with a given capability

Warm thanks:

  • To Juan Leyva, for his work on Moodle Mobile, webservices and a number of Add-ons!

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