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Mary Cooch
Re: Label: Embedded YouTube video - Error
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I spent the first 18 years of my life in Birmingham, the next 6 in London/France/USA and then the last 30 in Preston Lancashire so I suppose I have gradually acquired the accent of the locals, even though it wasn't my birthplace. I've never heard of Wooly backs, but from that do I assume your accent has elements of Liverpool?smile

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me in the forest
Re: Label: Embedded YouTube video - Error

Ah that explains it

i.e. imho your accent is even more messed up sorry rich than mine as you have phonemes from everywhere

i grew up in Lpool

then Uni :Birmingham to start

then SE Asia, Australia ... Japan 6 years

and since then France



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Picture of AL Rachels
Re: Label: Embedded YouTube video - Error
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Psst...careful there Mary...some of use can do a little math. big grin

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