"Paste from word" table ruins wiki page

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"Paste from word" table ruins wiki page

When using the "paste from word" tool in the HTML wiki editor to insert a table, it seems to work fine and looks great!

But as soon as I preview or save it, it basically renders that wiki page unusable. All the data disappears (even things typed prior to or after inserting the table) and you can't even edit it any more.

Anyone else have trouble with this or know a workaround? It would really save me a lot if trouble if I could insert a table rather than type it all in again manually.

Just in case this matters, I'm doing the editing on a Mac running Firefox, site is Moodle 2.6, table is from a .doc file.

The table is long, about 1800 rows (3 columns) but has no images, just unicode text (Japanese and English.)

I even tried adding extra rows, typing into it, adjusting alignment etc in the hopes that it would somehow help set the table code into the moodle wiki.

Thank you.

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Re: "Paste from word" table ruins wiki page

MS Word is a killer for writing HTML code as it contains a myriad of hidden characters. You should use Notepad++ or some other text editor (not a word processor) instead.  You won't be able use any formatting other than what you write in HTML.

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