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A friend of mine worked for a Not-for-Profit service organization, assisting long-term unemployed and semi-literate people with basic job skills. We were talking over dinner one evening and he mentioned he was frustrated by not having some software that he could use to help give his clients those basic skills, as well as some computer knowledge. I had been playing around at the school I was posted to with Moodle and thought there was scope there for him to use. 

After a few trials on my home machine, and more enthusiasm than knowledge or skill, we broke into his organization's web server and installed Moodle. I have looked after it, on a part-time basis, ever since. It works well for what they want to do. Their client base for this service is not larger than 75-80 people at any one time and is usually around the 45-50 mark. They also run their staff training programs through Moodle, their staff is only about 15 people but they are based in several locations spread about 60ks apart north to south. 

Recently, they have discussed moving onto other areas, parental support, social security support, disability services support, among other things and asked me about it. So far there has not been anything they have asked that I have thought Moodle could not handle. Their training guys are currently training other staff to create and build their course materials and are preparing materials. So far they are happy with what they are doing. Hopefully this will continue. 

This is not a large organization, and runs on a shoe string and the smell of an oily rag, and may not survive for too much longer, in this age of neo-conservative economic foolishness. But they are Moodle fans too.  

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