Integration, exposed

Integration Round - 2014-02-28

Integration Round - 2014-02-28

Cold numbers:

41 issues have been successfully integrated with 10 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 80% success, great (but Sams is still skewing the counts with phpdocs fixes).


Hot topics:

  • MDL-25505 - Scheduled tasks / Parallel cron
  • MDL-41767 - plugins unable to provide "bootstrapbase" or "clean" styles
  • MDL-44269 - Change location of navbar (breadcumb) to below logo in Clean theme.
  • And lots more in accessibility, testing, javascript and phpdocs

Warm thanks:

  • Daniel Neis for reporting, fixing and following up on issues right across Moodle. Thankyou, please do more of that!

Cheers, Damyon

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