Integration, exposed

Integration round 2014-02-21 - What you think you become

Integration round 2014-02-21 - What you think you become

Cold numbers:

74 issues have been successfully integrated with 7 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 90% success, great (but all Sams issues fixing phpdocs have skewed this week).


  • There is a 2.4 release this week because we were convinced to backport some non-security - but nasty data-loss bugs for the quiz backup/restore
  • Up for review next week is - Parallel cron aka scheduled tasks (MDL-25505).
  • Work is continuing on Atto (the new text editor), Logging and Clean as the default theme - expect to see them integrated in the coming weeks.
  • Do you have some spare minutes and some knowledge? Take a look to this list of issues waiting for peer review and let's reduce it to zero.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-27414 - Upgrade the randomsamatch question type to the new question engine
  • MDL-44018 - variant field of question_attempts table is not getting backed up by Moodle backup
  • MDL-42618 - Importing Grades via CSV with blank or whitespace as useridnumber
  • MDL-43504 - Collapsable courses and categories don't work (combo list??)
  • And lots more in quiz, themes, events, and phpdocs

Warm thanks:

  • To our newest iTeam member Rajesh Tanaja, for jumping enthusiastically into our testing team with David and becoming a Jenkins Jedi.

Cheers, Damyon

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