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Sign in error: wrong url/port

Sign in error: wrong url/port


I know the  error I have is local to my installation of Moodle because i've used the Moodle Mobile test-app successfully.

On my own server, I installed Moodle 2.6.1, enabled web services (saved changes), created a test user.


during the authentication process, I'm told that either the url or the port is wrong. I added a port number  I have checked the url several times (asked my wife to check my typing too) - since my server is Linux I have checked for capitalisation.

I've tried searching for similar cases, to see which port I should use, and drawn a blank (I think a port isn't required is it?).

I'm running PHP 5.4.21 on Linux. My version of Moodle runs fine on a 'normal' box.

Would someone be kind enough to have a think for me, please?


Kind regards


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