Gradebook Display Constants

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  • Not percentage of items graded, more on the lines of percentage based on the simple weighted means.
  • Range does work correctly however if I wanted a total based on what has been graded, ignoring what has not been graded is what I am going after.
  •  Display toggles... Gotcha
  • I am not familiar how overall the JS values come's into effect with the grader but that is research I can do on my own time.
  • Thank you for the code example I stumbled upon the 'grade_format_gradevalue' function call within the last day or two and has been key in understanding the display of the numbers in the report. Your code example has enforced that.
  • I am with Santa Barbara Business College.   I havent deployed the LAE grader in our live environment but admittedly I have used your work to come to a greater understanding of how the grade reports work.

Thank you so much for your time and efforts.