Gradebook Display Constants

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Gradebook Display Constants


*Disclaimer: not sure if this belongs here or the developer forum.  

I am looking at adding a setting to my grader that would display in the 'course total column' the running total as a percentage and display students point total out of point's possible up to current date (not course total)

The default grader almost does the trick.  I set up the running total and get percentage and points achieved. Now I just need to include the points possible so far next to those real points. 

It seems that the display is based on a form in the grade mod.  I combed through the JS and LIB files local to the grader report and both generates the data just fine but something is modifying the final display of the numbers into the grader. Do you know where that is?  Do I have to setup a new constant?

I understand that something similar might be achieved with setting up categories however, the requirement is that this is an automated task.

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Re: Gradebook Display Constants
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Displaying the range row essentially accomplishes the same thing though the core Grader got it all wrong by placing the row at the bottom where's its next to worthless. The LAE Grader places all the special rows at the top and they don't scroll off the screen when you scroll down.

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Re: Gradebook Display Constants

Ah, I see how that works. 

The LAE grader is great, however I have one of my director's asking why isnt the percentage breakdown in the cell.  Essentially I have been tasked with getting the percentage of currently graded items along side the point total with the points possible so far.  For e.g (50% 125 / 250) in the cell.   I noticed in one of your post probably years back now there was an issue with getting the course total to not reflect empty grades. Im still seeing that issue.  Any thoughts?

I got the LAE grader to work with percentage and points possible until I hit the display icon that cycles the display.  I couldnt get it to go back to (percentage (real)) like in the other cells.  Is there an override in using the icons that ignore the form settings? Image attached.

At that point I have been working on getting the cell formated with the data back in a copy of the grader.  I get stuck right around where 'function get_right_rows'  populates the jsarguments with $gradevalforJS.   I am not sure what else needs to be done to the data to get it to display in the cell. 

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Re: Gradebook Display Constants
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    • Nobody has ever asked for percentage of graded items graded. I would think that would be better in its own cell.
    • Not clear on what is happening with course total reflecting empty grades. It works as expected. Perhaps you're referring to the Range display which has to reflect all the potential grade items because different students will be graded at different times.
    • The display toggle only cycles through points/percentage/letter. It was put in with the hopes people wouldn't use the multi-display which IMO is messy, code and otherwise.
    • You could skip over the JS values entirely since LAE Grader doesn't use it. Some people like it but most say it screws them up because its too easy to accidentally change a value
    • If you're working off a current version (I update very frequently)  you'll see code like this:
                    $formattedgradeval = grade_format_gradevalue($gradeval, $item, true, $gradedisplaytype1, null); // item can use standard method of double formatting if present
                    // second round for the second display type if present for a category, items are taken care of the regular way
                    if (isset($gradedisplaytype2)) {
                        if (isset($grade->cat_item)) { // if cat_item is set THIS IS A CATEGORY
							$gradeval = $this->gtree->accuratepointsfinalvalues($this->grades[$userid], $itemid, $item, $type, $parent_id, $gradedisplaytype2);
                    	$formattedgradeval .= ' (' . grade_format_gradevalue($gradeval, $item, true, $gradedisplaytype2, null) . ')';
                    $itemcell->text .= html_writer::tag('span', $formattedgradeval, array('class'=>"gradevalue$hidden$gradepass"));
  • you'll want to prepend the percentage graded and append the range to the $formattedgradevalue
  • What organization are you with? I like to keep track of who's using the LAE Grader report
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Re: Gradebook Display Constants

In response to above

  • Not percentage of items graded, more on the lines of percentage based on the simple weighted means.
  • Range does work correctly however if I wanted a total based on what has been graded, ignoring what has not been graded is what I am going after.
  •  Display toggles... Gotcha
  • I am not familiar how overall the JS values come's into effect with the grader but that is research I can do on my own time.
  • Thank you for the code example I stumbled upon the 'grade_format_gradevalue' function call within the last day or two and has been key in understanding the display of the numbers in the report. Your code example has enforced that.
  • I am with Santa Barbara Business College.   I havent deployed the LAE grader in our live environment but admittedly I have used your work to come to a greater understanding of how the grade reports work.

Thank you so much for your time and efforts.