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Re: LDAP SSO speed on 2.6?
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It shouldn't. Fields are updated once the login process (regular or NTLM) has finished, and it's only a couple of additional LDAP queries (all the updateable fields are retrieved together in a single query) and some PHP code.

Most of the time in the NTLM login process is spent on redirects between the different pages of the process, and some waits before redirecting to the next page to let the browser send the credentials to the web server and the web server to check for them, and also let the user see a 'Trying...' page in case the automatic logon fails.

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Re: LDAP SSO speed on 2.6?

Thanks Inaki,

We're finding the process is significantly slower on Moodle than on other systems that we are automatically authenticating on. is there any way to speed it up?


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