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Integration round 2014-02-07 - another week gone

Sam Hemelryk
Integration round 2014-02-07 - another week gone
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Cold numbers:

A total of 38 issues have been integrated this week, 6 have been reopened, and 7 have been delayed. That is a 87% success ration, up on last week.
Delays this week were due to chained issues where a preceeding issue has been reopened, leaving the chain broken until the issue is fixed and looked at again next week.


The file lib/tests/code_test.php was removed this week, its purpose was to sanity check our code and as part of its process it checked certain conventions. Tim Hunt made a very good point that conventions can be very useful during development. For example DONOTCOMMIT, it can be easily added via macros or hotkeys within your IDE, and if you set up a git commit hook to look for it you can prevent yourself from accidentally committing something you're not meant to.
David Mudrak has provided an example of how to handle create such a hook see the commit message and I've created an example myself to see how it works.

Hot topics:
  • MDL-38923 Clean theme now supports the dock in master. If you'd like to see this backported please vote on MDL-43995. Thanks Bas.
  • MDL-39617 We have a new CLI script that is used to backup a single course. Thanks Ruslan.
  • MDL-43592 We've now got a means of patching YUI when we need to without hitting caching issues.
  • Several Quiz and question improvements from Jamie Pratt.
Warm thanks:
Jamie Pratt for his work on Quiz this week, and because we just couldn't get through all the great work he's put forward. Thanks Jamie. Thamie.

Sam Hemelryk
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