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Business models using Moodle

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Business models using Moodle

I am setting up an online learning platform, providing content and tutoring for various subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, English Language, etc...


I'm wondering if Moodle is able to do the following (if there's plugins available, please let me know as well):


1) Students to enrol as member of my site, and to specific subjects (and/or courses):

    - in this, I would be able to specify membership fees to the site, another different fees per subject and/or course.


2) Teachers/tutors to enrol as member of my site, and to specific subjects (and/or courses):

    - membership fees apply for accessing content contributed from other teachers/tutors.


3) Students to be able to search for tutor, and content by tutor.


Please advise.


Thank you.

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Re: Business models using Moodle
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ye-es to all of these but how well depends on the detail. 

1. Users can create their own accounts (email based authentication), find courses and enrol on them. You can use PayPal to charge for them.

2. Same as 1. Moodle doesn't differentiate until you add people to a course (as student or teacher)

3. You could set up an open 'Tutor' course that allows a search of participants and then you can see their enrolments. 

I suspect it may not be exactly what you have in your head but it could be done. 

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