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File Uploads on iPads (2.5.1)??

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Re: File Uploads on iPads (2.5.1)??

Thanks for the replies, good to know I'm not the only one struggling with IOS and iPads,  our head of IT, seems to be set on iPads as the college standard (easier for security and charging facilities).

I inherited mine from a collegue, I must say its awkward to get it to do what I want with it, just a toy! Its even a job trying to sync notes from sharepoint to onenote and vice versa- maybe its because I've got too used to Windows 8 Mobile!

I have managed to install a 'file manager' on the Pad though, which I can send documents to skydrive (I have a windows phone) and dropbox, so assuming I setup the repositories on moodle it would work ok? anyone used an Ipad and moodle with Google docs/Drive or any repository for that matter.



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Re: File Uploads on iPads (2.5.1)??

not used an iPad but have used gdrive with android so it should be fairly similar

you need to register with google to get oauth set up there are plenty of instructions around for this

once that is set up a file upload requester should have an extra item gdrive

selecting that will show a button labeled  login

on android I got a list of various apps i could upload from i chose google drive.

it then got access to my files which i was able to select and upload to the site.

So essentially there are two parts set up your server so it will work with gdrive and installing the gdrive app on your portable device.

hope that helps.




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