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Full list of Functions and features?

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Re: Full list of Functions and features?

Nope.  I never got the 1.9 list to start with.

Basically I have seen a lot of people dippy dippy round and worry about the shift and to do or not to do and then basically after a few minutes of getting their hands dirty and playing they become converted.

Then the hard work begins to actually do the shift 1.9 > 2.x, upgrading servers, plugins etc and do the brain shift thing to the new paradigm of 2.x.

Things you can do: Buy the Packt book, watch some videos on YouTube.

I do not know of a definitive "list" anywhere.

Doing this you will waste a bit of time as there is not way to check that all the videos are worth it, on the right version etc etc.  As Tim said, the facts are spread across lots and lots of documents.  But you will get there.


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