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SSL Certificate for Moodle

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Re: SSL Certificate for Moodle
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If using shared hosting you're pretty much dependent on them anyway (unless it's Apache hosting and you can put your certificate stuff in .htaccess? Not tried).

If cost is that much of an issue, and you can't pass it on through what you're charging users, find a host that's cheaper on SSL? But you want reliability, so might have to bite the bullet. If it's education, you can probably get it cheaper but depends if you can send the hosting outfit a pre-purchased certificate package.

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Re: SSL Certificate for Moodle

Can't pass on the cost, as the main use is for a charity that maybe able to justify the cost if it gets used, but is only just looking at a pilot roll out at the moment.

(I'm the treasurer of the charity, so I know there's no spare cash wink  )

I may contact my host as providing a 'one click install' package of software in a manner that is inherently insecure and so not fit for purpose is a bit naff.  Hopefully I'm missing something.



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