class Wiki ... how to track participation?

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class Wiki ... how to track participation?

I am new to Moodle and classes start next week, so please bear with me.

I want to have a Wiki page for each week of my course. In each week, the Wiki will have a different topic. I want the students to populate the Wiki by doing research each week on each topic. This seems to be handled well by the wiki module. 

The question is...  How would I track the wiki for grading purposes given the nature of wiki editing? Is there a way to 'see' who has contributed to the wiki and what they have contributed? Or is there a plug-in that does this?

Thanks in advance for your help!




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Re: class Wiki ... how to track participation?

Hello Kharyssa ,

In wiki activity, all students can contribute together, they can construct their own pages. And a teacher can map pages by contributions which list the pages created by each user. Please refer this section .

For grading it you can create a grading item for it. you need to grade it manually through gradebook page. Please refer this

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Re: class Wiki ... how to track participation?

Thank you, this helps.

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