Version 1.5 User Selectable Themes- Problem

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Version 1.5 User Selectable Themes- Problem
I have been trying to setup the user selectable theme option in version 1.5-Beta (latest build). Either I have the syntax for themlist wrong, or there is a minor bug.

I setup this feature in the Configuration > Variables area by setting allowuserthemes to yes. When I do that, a user has a drop down list in his/her profiles and can select any installed theme.

The problem is when I try and use the themelist option directly above it to limit the number of selectable themes to a smaller list. The instructions ask me to insert a comma separated list of themes in the window such as standard, orangewhite when I do this using this syntax, the names I insert do not come up in the profile drop-down list in any consistent way.

For example, I inserted the words standard, cornflower, oceanblue and only the words Default and standard appear on the drop down list under profiles. I tried various other names, both 1.4 and 1.5 compatible themes, and the only one that shows up is the word "standard".

So either I have a syntax error in how I insert the names on the list in this box, or there is a parse error of some kind in the code.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Rene Thomas Folse

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Re: Version 1.5 User Selectable Themes- Problem

Hi Rene,

probably you used spaces after the commas in your list. Please delete them out and your list will work. When you look very closely at the example in the English description you see, that there are no spaces in the shown list.


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