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Re: A Data set for a research

A dataset I've looked at in the past is the Open University Learning Analytics Dataset.

It doesn't really state it is from a moodle site (just a virtual learning environment) but judging by the activity types listed in the dataset I feel like it's safe to assume it originally came from a moodle instance. 

It seems to have been restructured and organised though, since it doesn't appear to be structured like it was taken straight out of the database.

Not sure if this helps anyone but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share.

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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: A Data set for a research
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Roughly speaking, we ship our logs out of Moodle, applying some filtering, and dump them in a big data-warehouse for the researchers to user. The aim of the filtering is to reduce the total volume of data, while (hopefully) not losing anything important. Also, we have a lot of our own activities (e.g. ouwiki, forumng) rather than the standard ones.

Anyway, I am basically confirming that your guess is right.

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