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New: prototype.moodle.net

Martin Dougiamas
New: prototype.moodle.net
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The FRONTEND team at Moodle HQ are working on a number of new things to do with usability and features for Moodle 2.7 and beyond.

To improve our development process and decision-making, we are focussing on producing quick usable prototypes of ideas early in the 6-month development cycle, before getting deep into proper coding.

To facilitate this we have a new site called prototype.moodle.net where we'll be publishing experiments and examples for you to try out and to give us feedback on.  The site will be evolving over time with new projects and mockups.  Also note that it's not comprehensive and doesn't include everything we are working on.

If you have some time, please explore the Moodle sites there and try out the new features, then give us feedback using the surveys or other methods provided.

Thanks for helping to improve Moodle!


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Re: New: prototype.moodle.net

Excellent new idea and approach! Thank you for the continual improvement and updates such as this. 

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C'est moi :-)
Re: New: prototype.moodle.net
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Yes, very good idea smile

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Picture of Andrea Bicciolo
Re: New: prototype.moodle.net
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Hi Martin,

thanks for providing the link. I tested the interface prototype, and provided feeback using the survey. BTW, I found the experimental interface good.

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Just wondering . . .
Re: New: prototype.moodle.net

Hey FRONTEND TEAM, What's the chance of getting a site here for a look and feel test of the top menu concept in the Awesome Bar?  This is a fundamental  sort of shift in location and arrangement of some of the existing info.


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