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Wanted to have mobile app..

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Wanted to have mobile app..

Good day to everyone..

I just started to admin a website with a moodle platform.

And I just saw this article that I can create a Mobile App for my website.

I'm new in moodle, and I'm not the one who created the website.

Can anyone guide me on moodle mobile app..

I want to know the things I need to have this. Like..

  • do i need to upgrade?
  • the best way to start
  • I've downloaded the moodle mobile app and when I tried it didnt go through
  • What do I need to do?

I've tried reading the "moodle for mobile" and I was frustrated cauuse instead of making things clear it confuses me more..

Thank you everyone.

Any help would be much appreciated..


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Re: Wanted to have mobile app..

Sure how can I start website as of moodle platform. But shall I know why use it. Nonetheless your valuable post is look likes to awesome and you shared trust worthy points about moodle.

mobile application development

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