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Integration round 2013-11-29 - back on dry land

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2013-11-29 - back on dry land
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Cold numbers:

28 issues have been successfully integrated with 3 rejected. That is 90% success, hurrah!


  • This integration round brings to an end our on-sync period and we will begin accepting changes in master for 2.7 next week!
  • Over the last few days the integration team having our regular debrief meeting following the 2.6 release. We discussed how the release went, our internal processes, how to improve our work with developers, improve testing & quality of releases. We will spread the outcome of these discusisions over the next few weeks. We always have new things to learn and ways to improve and welcome contructive feedback about our work, so if you have suggestions on how we can improve, please do let us know!

Peer review:

There are currently 17 issues waiting for peer review in areas such as SCORM, grades, CSS and forms. Please help review there if you can. smile

Hot topics:

  • MDL-42992 - SCORM window cannot be resized in IE 9
  • MDL-37016 - Problems upgrading to 2.4+ with MySQL sites
  • MDL-40741 - Behat acceptance tests updated to be less theme-dependent
  • MDL-42985 - The curl rule proxybypass is never applied
  • MDL-42508 - Module generators for scorm, imscp and folder

Warm thanks:

  • To Barbara Ramiro, our in-house designer working hard to help us make Moodle friendlier, prettier and more elegant, one step at a time. Thanks!

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