Recurring monthyl quiz

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Recurring monthyl quiz


I would like to set up a quiz which students take on a monthly basis.  They would need to do this every month.

I don't really want to continually create a new, duplicate quiz each month.

I have looked through the online docs but can't figure out if this is going to be possible or not and wondered if anyone has ever done anything similar or has an idea about how to set this up?



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Re: Recurring monthyl quiz
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The simplest thing to do would be to go into the quiz report and delete their past attempts.

The other thing you might be able to do is to use the enforeced delay between attempts settings. You could set that to 20 days or something?

How do you force people to attempt the quiz?

Anything beyond this is going to require some customisation of the code. (For example, a new Quiz access rule add-on.)

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