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Checklist - as a block in front page

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yes, I mean the checklist plugin. So I can only insert it as a link. That is not a problem for me now.

In fact, I created a block and I used the checklist. But the problem is that I cannot have headings (as I did with the topics within a course) and I have a long sum of checkboxes.

So I was wondering if I could insert headings in a different way, since the checklist is not included in a course OR move (copy) an existing checklist (from a course with topics) to my front page (or to a block). 

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The checklist module fully supports headings - on the edit page, click on the 'tick' mark on the left to convert an item into an 'optional' item, then click again to convert it into a heading.

(Optional items are ones that contribute to the 'all items' progress bar, but no the 'required items' progress bar; they also don't contribute to the gradebook score, or helping the student to 'complete' the checklist).

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