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Mobile Course Cache

I was wondering if the moodle mobile platform for iPhone/Android allows the courses to be played when they do not have direct access to the moodle server? From the release notes it sounds as though it should allow courses to be played offline but in my testing it didn't work. Perhaps there is something I need to configure? I am running moodle 2.5.2.

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回复: Mobile Course Cache

A good question. That's what I want to know, too.

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Re: 回复: Mobile Course Cache
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You can view the course resources you downloaded when you were online

I mean, the resources that works offline requiers a previous download

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Re: 回复: Mobile Course Cache

How do I do that? Where is the setting to set resources for offline-use? Can every use with the app decide individually or do an administrator has to do the setting?

I couldn't find a solution either.

Thanks for help.

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