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Can cohorts act like full site-wide groups?

I want to be able to allow my site's users to form groups that would then at least have their own forum, possibly a blog. The groups will not be course-based but very generic: sports fans, New Yorkers, etc, etc.

Can cohorts let me do that or is that mainly an admin tool for enrolments? Is there an in-built way in Moodle to get what I'm looking for?

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Mary Cooch
Re: Can cohorts act like full site-wide groups?
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No not really -groups are course based and even if you enrol cohorts into a course you have to make them into a group in the course. See number 1.2 in Groups FAQ Blogs are site wide however, attached to user profiles and if they tag their blog entries with interests then other users can find them and connect  via the blogs tags block if you add that.

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