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On-going course configuration

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On-going course configuration

Moodle version: 2.2.3

I'm planning to use Moodle for an informal on-going course (no grading, start/finish dates etc.).

Several questions arise:

  1.    Can participants enrol (for a fee) for 3-month periods, with optional renewal?
  2.     Also, in the above case can I enrol non-paying participants?
  3.     How do I configure no fixed start/end dates?
  4.     Can essay type answers be given to any type of quiz or assignment (within the system, not using a word processor)?  
    On this 'page' I would like to have several paragraphs of content, with an Essay question text-box for participants to enter their detailed responses.

re: Printing
I recently participated in a 'Learn Moodle' course and noted that page printing was messy.
Printing most pages results in a mess of code appearing, in addition to the wanted text.
A few pages had a small 'Print' icon near the top of the page, enabling a clean print-out.
How can I enable propper printing of all pages?

Hope these can be answered OK



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Mary Cooch
Re: On-going course configuration
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Hi there. The answer is basically yes to all your questions, but for more detail:

1) Yes -see Paypal enrolment

2) Yes - you just enrol them manually rather than with paypal

3) When you set up the course you don't have a fixed end date

4) When you set up an assignment you choose the online text option - see 2.1 in Using assignment

  As for printing I can't help because I don't print pages of Moodle - I guess you saw the "print" icon of the Book module but Moodle isn't really meant for printing.

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Re: On-going course configuration

Mary - thanks for these answers. And, thanks also for the 'Learn Moodle' course.

David Berghouse


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