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"Site policy URL for guests" keeps getting auto filled
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Moodle version 2.5.1+


In the site policies section in the Moodle admin screens, there is a field for "site policy URL for guests" which keeps getting autofilled with "admin". I remove it, it resolved the issue of that message coming up and having to click "yes" to continue but a few weeks later the "admin" was filled in again. I remember this happening before last year.


Why is that autofilling? It's not like it autofills after every seemed to have a few weeks later. We have not upgraded or anything.


Has anyone else ran into this issue? Ideas on what's going on?

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Re: "Site policy URL for guests" keeps getting auto filled

Unless you have the line

$CFG->sitepolicyguest = 'admin';

somewhere in your config.php file, there is no reason it should be defaulting to such a strange value.  Maybe it is your browser populating the field somehow?  Try clearing your browser cache as well as pressing Purge all caches from the site administration -> development menu.

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