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Best strategy for organizing students

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Best strategy for organizing students

Hello everyone,

I am still new to Moodle (2.5.1), and I am trying to determine the best approach for handling various user types.

In our Moodle school, we will have four types of engineering students: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Civil. Each of these categories must be further subdivided into the following subgroups: Undergrad, Grad and Doctoral.
Doctoral students have access to all courses in their particular domain (ex: Mechanical). Grad students have access to everything that is within Grad and Undergrad in their domain. Undergrad students only have access to Undergrad courses and quizzes in their particular domain.
There is even the possibility for some crossover of domains. For example, Computer Engineering undergrads do have access to a few specific Electrical Engineering undergrad courses. 
I will also have a user type that will only have access to the reports (no courses or quizzes).

How would I organize my users in Moodle to allow for this? Would I use Groups/Grouping, Roles, or Cohorts?


Thank you in advance for your insight.


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