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Adding HP Quiz - maximum score field missing?

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Adding HP Quiz - maximum score field missing?

Hello All -

Hoping one of you experts can help me with this one.  When adding Hot Potatoes quizzes to my course, in the Settings panel, in Grade block I can only see the following:

There is no Maximum Score field?  And I really don't want these things weighted - I would rather use a Real score (if I understand that correctly).  I have played inside my Course Settings and set everything to Sum of Grades but somehow, I am still not getting the Maximum Score field to appear here.  How do I assign a value to the Hot Potatoes quizzes that is not weighted?

ANY AND ALL help / comments / fixes are muy apreciados (much appreciated)!!!

Yours in Moodle madness - 

Deb Streacker

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Re: Adding HP Quiz - maximum score field missing?
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Hi Deb,
Hot Potatoes scores are always percents, i.e. the highest score is always 100, so there is no need for a separate "Highest" setting on the settings page.

If you set the "Grade weighting" for the HotPot activity to 100%, then you will get the behavior that you want, that is to say the percent score from the HotPot exercise will be transferred as it is to the Moodle grade-book.

Of course, once the HotPot score is in the grade-book, you can adjust its contribution to the course grade using the various weightings, averages and categories that the grade-book offers.  


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