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Attendance (add on)

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Attendance (add on)

Our developers/IT had created a website using the Moodle Open Source & gave me an site administrator access. But I realized that I am not getting the Attendance & Face to Face options in the Activities Section under Courses.

Later I realized that the Attendance & Face to Face plugins need to be downloaded & configured. Hence I had downloaded the attendance plugin using Moodle. However I don't know how to configure or install it and I believe the mistake I did was that I must have not configured it, still tried to add the plugin.

Now I am getting a blank page whenever I login.

Please tell me how to configure or install attendance plugin & resolve this issue.


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Re: Attendance (add on)

Me again, just wanted to keep all updated that I am not a developer nor do I know anything about or coding. Hence requesting for a solution based on my limitations

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Re: Attendance (add on)

Hi, Me again.

Received thee below reply from Ken on a separate forum, I had posted this question.

@Amitesh Das While your problem produces the same behavior (blank screen), this forum and the thread you 've posted in is about authentication and not installation issue/general problems. Suggest, next time, posting your own and starting a new thread in a more appropriate forum ... this one might get lost! ;) One thing you need to share when reporting issues ... at least the version of Moodle. It will make a difference in the answers you get. How did you attempt to install? Sounds like uploaded a zip and unzipped - but maybe in the wrong location - or the zip you downloaded an used to install is not compat with version of Moodle you are running. If you installed manually ... are you sure the plugin/addon you are attempting to install is compatible with version of Moodle? Please see: note that is for version 2.5 of Moodle. 'spirit of sharing', Ken


Ken, thanks for your answer...I believe, you are correct, I had just downloaded the "Attendance Plugin (just the zip file/folder)", but never configured it or installed it on the server or system (actually I am not at all tech savy). Now I understand that I should have taken help from the developers, who created the site over a server.

What should have happened is that post downloading the plugin (just the zip file/folder), I should have installed/configured it on my system (I think), so that the successful installation message could be seen on the Moodle Site Notification.

But, the notification was never shown. I still went to install it, which is when I started getting a blank screen.

Please help me out..

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Re: Attendance (add on)

Dear Amitesh,

I hope you’re doing well. It’s always a good gesture to share problem,

thus engaging in a learning process.

Coming straight to your problem:

When you download an attendance module zip, in that zip, there’s a file

named readme.txt. It provides the detailed instruction of how to install

and configure the attendance module.

The first requirement of that mod is, as you unzip the plug-in, the folder

name should be renamed to "attforblock". Then it needs to be copied

under the mod folder i.e., your_moodle_folder/mod/attforblock

Then from your website you need to follow the site map given below:

Home ► Site administration ► Notifications

Here the setup is ready and it’ll ask for a confirmation for installation.

After successful installation the attendance module is ready to use.

Note: - Please make sure you check the version of attendance plug-in

and check whether it’s compatible with your Moodle version or not.

After performing the above instructed action, if you get a blank screen it

means you’ve some error in your site. In that case I’d suggest you to do

the following:

Please write down the code given below at the end of the file-

config.php(path:- your_moodle_folder/config.php) and save it.

@error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); // NOT FOR PRODUCTION


@ini_set('display_errors', '1'); // NOT FOR PRODUCTION


$CFG->debug = (E_ALL | E_STRICT); // ===


$CFG->debugdisplay = 1; // NOT FOR PRODUCTION SERVERS!

After performing this instruction, browse the blank screen from your

browser and it’ll show the error in your site. Kindly provide us the

screenshots of those errors so that we can help further.

I hope this’ll be of your help. Please get back to us for further query.

Thanks and Regards



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